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Animal Planet is featuring a different kind of “labor day”

Animal Planet is featuring a different kind of “labor day”

lambWe don’t know why it took the television industry so long to figure out that there are millions of viewers who just want to watch adorable animals cavorting, but now that they’ve gotten the message, Animal Planet is constantly coming up with new ways to make us go “awww.”

Their latest contribution to our addiction to cuteness is one that every mom will appreciate: throughout Labor Day weekend, the Animal Planet L!VE website will give viewers the opportunity to witness the miracle of birth, beamed in live from the Nebraska State Fair. At the same time, the station will have on-air birth alerts letting viewers know that they should go to the site to see a brand new calf, piglet, lamb, or chick.

Don’t want to see the messy parts? The AV Club reassures us that “when the animals aren’t in labor, the live stream is just lots of cute baby animals crawling around.” It’s up to you how much you want to see, but we think this is a great way to give the kids a little bio lesson, and celebrate how we all came into this world.

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