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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
An intro to Oeuf cribs: beautiful and environmentally sustainable centerpieces for your modern nursery!

An intro to Oeuf cribs: beautiful and environmentally sustainable centerpieces for your modern nursery!

oeuf-elephant-crib-grey-2When it comes to nurseries, I dream up some pretty sweet ideas. I’m sure those of you who are expecting have entire boards on Pinterest dedicated to your circus-themed or shades-of-blue themed nurseries (and I’m sure they’re perfect). The crib, however, is the centerpiece of every nursery, so you want to choose exactly the right one! Let me draw your attention to one of my favorite crib brands: Oeuf.

Oeuf makes sure that you get cute, high-quality baby furniture that is not only incredibly simple to put together but also impacts the environment as little as possible during production. All the furniture is made in Europe, and is made out of wood that is sustainably sourced and made in a Forest Stewardship Council certified facility. This means that the products you buy from Oeuf are certifiably environmentally appropriate, beneficial to society, and economically practical. I think it’s nice to know where your furniture is coming from, especially when the world’s recourses are involved!

Not only is Oeuf environmentally sound in furniture production, but the brand also keeps recycling in mind during the process of making and shipping your purchase to your front door. All furniture is packaged in recycled cardboard, and all of the wasted materials from the factory are also recycled. All the furniture is made under precise European environmental standards as well.

As for whether or not Oeuf’s products are especially safe for baby, they are! All of the finishes that Oeuf uses on it’s furniture are free of any and all Volatile Organic Compounds that are known or suspected to be health hazards. All finishes are also completely water-based and non-toxic, so Oeuf cribs are truly worry-free!

All of this is great, but… what about the design? When you’re putting together that perfect nursery, you want modern, gorgeous design, and Oeuf has got it! Their name, which means “egg” in French, suggests their design aesthetic: simple, spare, and beautiful.

Take for instance the Oeuf Elephant crib, designed by Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar. The sleek outline gently suggests the silhouette of an elephant, with soft and modern curved edges, and there are two color choices: white or gray. The Elephant has 3 mattress heights so you can adjust the crib gradually downward as your baby grows taller. It fits a standard size crib mattress, which makes choosing a mattress easy, and made with eco-MDF, which is wood fibers held together with a strong adhesive, allowing for more sturdiness and longevity.

We’re also excited for the Oeuf Fawn Bassinet to Crib, coming up soon this spring: like the well-loved Stokke Sleepi system, the Fawn is designed to grow with your child, transforming from a cozy little bassinet to a toddler-ready crib with a few quick adjustments. This is an awesome fit for a family that loves the transformability of the Sleepi but wants a more traditional look. We’ll have more info on the Fawn coming up soon!

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Oeuf and their mission to create environmentally sustainable baby furniture. I personally love the furniture, and moms do too! I hope you have fun dreaming up your perfect nursery… next time, pin an Oeuf crib in there!


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