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An Eye to the Sky

An Eye to the Sky

Orion Nebula (Slooh)Outer space is fascinating, no matter how old you are. Telescopes are one way to get a closer look at celestial bodies, although most conventional telescopes aren’t big enough to really see anything cool. But now, you can take a peek into some of the most powerful telescopes in the world. Slooh has created an organized network of these observatories, and the technology is just amazing.

You can join a live mission, where an astronomer will control the telescope, find objects in the sky and discuss what you’re seeing. Or you can even book time to control the telescopes yourself, and choose what you’d like to see. You can capture digital images of your sightings, and revisit highlights from old missions. When I think about how I traipsed up to the observatory in college for two hours (in the freezing cold) just to catch a glimpse of a blurry Saturn, this really boggles my mind. The quality of the images are really fantastic.

In our store, we are selling a boxed membership to, which gives unlimited access for one year. On their site, this membership costs $99, but it’s only $49.99 in the store. You couldn’t buy a decent telescope for fifty bucks, and this is an incredible amount of scientific value for the money. The whole family will be crowding around the computer for the nightly mission. So if there’s a space-loving kid on your holiday list, this is one of the coolest new items I’ve seen.

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