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All in the wrist

Chic&Carry WristletIn the beginning, we stuffed diapers into diaper bags, and just dealt with it when they got all puffy and pilled. We tossed our wipes case into the abyss, and then had to grope around to find it while our babies wailed in distress on the changing table. Then, Diapees and Wipees came along, with a clever cloth pouch that contained the diapers and wipes, keeping the diapers fresh and the wipes close at hand.
Now, the concept has evolved a bit more. Chic Tots has developed the Chic&Carry Wristlet. Like the Diapees and Wipees case, the Wristlet is a top-opening pouch that holds diapers. It includes a soft vinyl zippered bag for wipes, and it also has a nice metal carabiner-style oval clip on the top and a wrist strap with a snap closure. The pouch can be worn around a wrist, hung on any stroller, or clipped onto a bag.

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