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Agio: An Exclusive Line of Strollers & Car Seats by Peg Perego

Agio: An Exclusive Line of Strollers & Car Seats by Peg Perego

Agio: An Exclusive Line of Strollers & Car Seats by Peg Perego

The “Made in Italy” stamp is synonymous with style, quality, and elegance, and we’ve always admired just that from Peg Perego gear. They add a distinct touch of luxury that makes you say, “Ah, that makes sense” when we tell you their strollers, car seats, and high chairs were made in Italy. They’ve just released a brand new line, and it features some of their best craftsmanship yet. You’ll love the ultra-luxe fabrics and leatherette accents that create a sophisticated look for both you and baby.

A line that’s only available at specialty stores like Magic Beans, Agio by Peg Perego includes upgraded versions of some of their best products and 2 completely new products! Here’s the entire line.

Agio Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido Infant Car SeatYou might be familiar with the Nido Infant Car Seat already. It’s been in Peg Perego’s lineup for some time, and though its “Agio” updates are mostly in style, it’s still the same state-of-the-art infant car seat that comes with all the safety features you’d need. The Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido is equipped with a load leg, adjustable side impact protection, anti-rebound bar, and a deluxe Pagoda Hood/Canopy to protect baby from the elements.

Agio Primo Viaggio Kinetic Convertible Car SeatWe’ve loved the Primo Viaggio Convertible Car Seat for some time now, but this upgraded model has a next-level safety feature. A sleek new Primo Viaggio, it features “Kinetic Pods” on each side of the seat that help to move forces away from baby in the event of a side collision. This energy management system sort of works like the LSP system (or “wings”) on Cybex car seats. They absorb energy and deflect it from the child’s body.

Agio Z4 StrollerFeatured in the video above from our YouTube Channel, the Agio Z4 Stroller is a full-size, four-wheeled stroller (hence the name) that checks off all of our must-have feature boxes like a reversible seat, great fold, and car seat compatibility. And the brown leatherette accents give it a sleek and polished look!

Agio Z3 StrollerThe all-terrain sister of the Z4, the Agio Z3 Stroller has three high-performance, wide-tread wheels with eight ball bearings and suspensions for a super smooth ride through the park, playground, and trails. 

Agio Siesta High Chair: The Peg Perego Siesta is definitely one of the most multi-functional high chairs we carry. It can be used as a recliner for kicking back, high chair for feeding, or comfy chair for resting. The Agio Siesta will look beautiful in nearly any kitchen with its black seat and wood-look legs. 

Not sure if you’re more of a Z4 or Z3 family? Confused about the whole infant car seat vs convertible car seat debate? Let’s talk it out. Shoot our Gear Gurus an email at!

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