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After the ABC Kids Expo: We’ve still got more to show you!

After the ABC Kids Expo: We’ve still got more to show you!

jamie and sheriAnother ABC show has come and gone, and we had a great time! Along with seeing countless fantastic new products, it’s always great to catch up with our vendors, our friends, and other exceptional baby retailers from across the country. Magic Beans is part of an organization called Brixy that unites many of the independent baby stores around North America. We also love spending time with other industry pals like Jamie Grayson (pictured with Sheri in the Nuna booth) and Melisa and Pam from Project Nursery.

One thing that separates us from most of the other businesses that attend the show is that we bring as much of our team as we can. Besides myself, Sheri, and Isaac, we brought our fabulously talented buyers (one of whom is 35 weeks pregnant, but she’s not letting that stop her), and we also bring all of our store managers and some of our web staff. We want our managers to develop strong relationships with our current vendors, ferret out the coolest new products, and learn as much as they can about everything we’ll be selling so that they can train their store staff, bringing their knowledge back to our customers so we can continue to provide a truly special customer experience.

We’ve had a little time to process and debrief on many of the wonderful products that we saw, and in the next two weeks, we’ll be introducing you to some of our favorites, which will be appearing in our stores over the next couple of months. If you’re not signed up for our RSS feed, FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, you really should. We’ve got some great info on products you’ll want to see – and buy!

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