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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
ABC Show – Day 2

ABC Show – Day 2

I started the second day of the show by finishing up the last couple of rows in the downstairs exhibit hall. My favorite stop was at the Bumble Collection where I got to see my wonderful friends Jennie Lynn and her husband Sal. I also got to scope out their beautiful diaper bags and accessories, which just keep getting better and better. Bumble Collection

Then I headed upstairs to tackle the second half of the show, which included the massive Modern Child section, designated for manufacturers whose brand and product aesthetic is — can you guess? — modern. We spent over an hour with Bugaboo getting a fresh look at the Donkey and reconnecting with some of the friends we made in Amsterdam. Bugaboo Donkey in Blue

From there, I made my way to Skip Hop and checked out their newest designs, which included some whimsical bookends and a gorgeous new infant playgym.Skip Hop Bookends

The Boon booth is always a treat, and this year they didn’t disappoint. First — literally a treat — they give away Snack Balls filled with candy. Second, their new line-up of products is so innovative and fun. I especially loved their new lamp for kids, which changes colors and features removable balls that glow in the dark. New lamp from Boon

The best freebie of the day came from OXO — a new screwdriver set for changing the batteries on toys, with four different teeny tiny tips. If your kids have any toys that run on batteries, you know this is a brilliant invention. Toy Battery Screwdriver from OXOThis is just a small sampling of the amazing things I saw – there are some products I will write about more specifically. But now I need to go get dressed and head over to the convention center for Day 3. We’re leaving tomorrow morning, so this is my last day and I have a ton of booths still to see.

Check out my updated Flickr set to see all the pics from Day 2.

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