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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
ABC Show Day 1

ABC Show Day 1

Today I managed to get through almost the entire first floor of the show – no small feat. I have a few items to call out individually, but here are some overall impressions.

Plum – I saw this color over and over on the strollers and car seats today, and I liked it a lot. Plum Baby Jogger City Mini

Mid-size strollers – they’re back in vogue. Several companies are gunning for the Bugaboo Bee with snazzy, middle-weight strollers that offer a reversible seat and compact fold.Mamas and Papas Urbo Stroller

Reusable snack bags – it was almost comical how many of these I saw today. They are definitely a great idea, but it felt like too much of a good thing.

Wheeled boards – I saw two innovative interpretations of the step-on wheeled board design.Orbit Baby Sidekick

Potty training support – maybe it’s just that my eyes are open to this category more than usual since Zev is starting to think about potty training, but I saw so many nice training pants that incorporate the really lovely, absorbent materials currently being used in cloth diapering, and lots of interesting potty concepts – Disney potties, potties with pretend flushers that actually make a convincing flush sound, even a potty shaped like a baseball.

Potty Training Pants

There was one thing that totally made my day:Magic Beans SidekickHow cool is that?? I love the Orbit Baby people.

That’s it for now – you can check out my full photo album on Flickr to see the rest of my pics – image titles and captions are in progress, but may not be done until after the show.

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