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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
A Visit To Magic Beans Fairfield: A Review From A Very Special Customer

A Visit To Magic Beans Fairfield: A Review From A Very Special Customer

mum and joe

My mom and stepdad on vacation.

At any age, from 5 to 55 (and beyond), you’ll continue to be your child’s biggest cheerleader, so it’s no surprise that our staff’s parents are some of the biggest fans of Magic Beans. My mom and my stepfather Joe live pretty close to our store in Fairfield, Connecticut, so they take every opportunity to drop in and do some shopping, and after my mom told me how much they had enjoyed their most recent visit, I asked her to write up a review.

So, I present to you: a Magic Beans review by Mary Steinfeld, a 25-year veteran of preschool education (so she knows her stuff!), and, in my humble opinion, the world’s best mom. Enjoy!


The name Magic Beans was so appropriate when we visited the Fairfield store! The bright orange awnings are cheerful & invite you into this friendly place. The staff is extremely friendly & helpful, and it feels like everyone is so happy that we arrived! They were never pushy trying to sell stuff.

After the initial hello we were guided to specific areas of interest. I needed some items with the movie “Frozen” theme for the little girl next door, and I found many appropriate things with a wide range of different prices to choose from.

My friend needed birthday gifts for her 3-year-old grandson. She chose a Lego set with a baseball theme, and a book to go along, about the NY Yankees. I also chose a 48 piece floor puzzle appropriate for the preschool kids I work with. Our gifts were all carefully wrapped by the friendly staff!

A family came in with a young toddler, and she was engaged playing at a dollhouse table with furniture and cute soft bunny figures. I could not help but play with her for a little while, since the toys were so cute & the display really had a way to draw you in. There were Legos & crafts & puzzles, and they were all beautifully displayed.

At the register we admired the sand-like playdoh that was antimicrobial, and I liked the colorful necklaces that could be worn by anyone holding a baby or toddler, that were non-toxic & safe for a baby to chew. There were also nice displays of baby furniture & strollers: one window had an interesting display of a baby rocker that glided from side to side, and appeared to be floating in mid-air – that one was very visible when looking into the store from outside!

And for non-shoppers: the gliding ottoman & footstool was so comfortable that Joe felt he was falling asleep while we were doing the shopping! There was one in the back and front end of the store.

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