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A new weapon in the fight against Plagiocephaly

A new weapon in the fight against Plagiocephaly

NightformThe highly successful “Back to Sleep” campaign has dramatically lowered the rate of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in the United States. But a side effect of consistent back-sleeping is a spike in Plagiocephaly, or sleep-related skull flattening. There are a lot of products on the market designed to help position newborns for sleep, but the Nightform is the first that is designed by a doctor and FDA approved for use with a sleeping infant.

The Nightform is a bassinet-sized foam mattress that includes two positioning wedges that can be configured in 10 different ways to provide a constantly-changing sleep environment. Simply giving your baby this variety will help to prevent the skull from flattening. The Nightform can be used in place of an existing bassinet mattress, or it can be placed on top of a crib mattress or play-yard. It comes with a machine-washable poly/cotton cover (I’d personally like to see 100% cotton or even organic, but hey, that’s just me).

Their website has a lot of information but precious few images. I will try to take some digital snapshots to post here. The Nightform is recommended for infants from 0-4 months.

Update (6/20/06): Phil Carter from Nightform sent me a good product image, which I’m posting here in lieu of the packaging image I had originally. Thanks, Phil!

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