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A new look for Diono convertible car seats in 2016 / 2017!

A new look for Diono convertible car seats in 2016 / 2017!

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Today has been a big year for style upgrades from our favorite brands! As you may have noticed, everyone’s unveiling new collections in sleek modern grey, and as we mentioned when we were talking about designing a nursery with grey as a foundation, combining brights and neutrals is SO in.

The new Diono 2016/2017 convertible car seat collection builds on current trends with a new look that’s simultaneously upscale and elegant, and luxuriously cozy. This is a much easier change to illustrate with a picture than words, so take a peek at the “design evolution” below:

diono design evolution

The new colors are rich and vibrant, but in a way that feels much more grown-up, designed to blend neatly into automotive interiors. They’ve also moved into more solid color-blocking, which is super on-trend.

You’ll notice that they’ve also changed the Diono logo, and that they’ll be dropping the Olympia and Pacifica from the line, which will now be limited to the R100, R120, RXT, and Rainier. Here are a few more of the new colors:

diono rainier redesign


diono radian rxt redesign

While the new Diono collection hasn’t been officially unveiled yet, consumer response from focus groups has been glowing: moms ages 25-34, with kids ages 1-3, described the new look as “quality, high end, classy, elegant, stylish,” and “premium,” and said the seats look wonderfully cozy and comfortable. I agree, and I think the new seats look less like a car seat (boxy and functional) and more like a comfy recliner. If they feel half as good as they look, your kid is going to love them!

So… what do you think about the new Diono? Tell us about it in the comments!

Diono is also featured in our “Best Convertible Car Seats of 2017” video!



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