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A must-have calendar for mom

Mom's Family Calendar 2007-8My own mother is a devoted fan of Sandra Boynton’s “Mom’s Family Calendar”, and though the illustrations are irresistible, it’s the clever layout of this calendar that makes her hunt it down year after year. Instead of the traditional grid layout, this calendar looks more like a chart. There’s a column for each family member (up to five total), and each row represents a day of the month. So on any given day, you can see exactly who is up to what. It’s perfect for tracking doctor’s appointments, birthday parties, extra-curricular activities, and everything else that goes onto a family calendar. The best part? It’s a 16 month calendar, so it starts in September of 2007 and goes through December of 2008. Includes 500 stickers and a wipe-off magnetic board for important phone numbers.

We’re selling the calendar in our store, or you can buy it online from

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