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Q Ba MazeLet’s talk about marbles for a minute. Marbles are so simple, but they’ve been a cornerstone of playtime for centuries. Set them in motion and you’ve got hours of entertainment. There are countless types of marble run construction toys out there, and many different interpretations. The newest one is Q Ba Maze. This marble construction toy looks like a piece of modern art. The translucent plastic pieces snap together in countless configurations to send the silver marbles cascading down from top to bottom.

The idea isn’t new, but the execution is clever and elegant. It’s appealing to kids, but I’ve got a set on my desk, too (OK, that’s not saying much – my desk is filled with toys, most not exactly age-appropriate). There are two sets, a 20 piece set and a 50 piece set. The 20 piece set is enough to build a couple of basic configurations, but when you get into the 50 piece set, you can really go to town. The company has a blog, and a video featuring the product. Check it out. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

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