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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

A matter of opinion

The past few weeks have been somewhat chaotic. Late nights, early mornings, lots of take-out and constant babysitting were all necessary to give us the time we needed to get everything done. Accordingly, we haven’t seen too much of our kids lately. To their credit, they’ve handled it like champs, extending a degree of understanding and forgiveness that is heartbreakingly unique to children.

The other night, I was spending some time with my oldest daughter in her room, and suddenly she started to cry. I hugged her close, figuring that she was just feeling the stress. Sure enough, as she cried, I heard her say “mumblemumble not fair.” “Yes, I know,” I told her. “Mumblemumblemumble always have to work so hard.” Tears sprang to my eyes. It was true, I was working so hard, I was totally exhausted. Her empathy was killing me.

Then here’s what came next: “Mumblemumble you’re so lucky.”


“I always have to work so hard. I never get a break. You always get breaks. You spend all day in a toy store and I have to go to school. It’s not fair.”


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