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A car seat – for pregnant moms

A car seat – for pregnant moms

tummyshieldIf you’ve been pregnant, you surely remember how, as you got bigger, it was more and more difficult to find a comfortable position for your seatbelt. I remember feeling squeamish about the pressure right at the base of my abdomen, worrying if the baby would be OK if there was an accident. Apparently, it is a risk. The Tummy Shield aims to mitigate that risk.

The Tummy Shield is a heavy-duty, stainless steel seat integrated with a fire-retardant cushion and a special clip that holds the lap belt down, passing over the hips and thighs and avoiding the belly area. It’s very easy to use, seems like it would be comfortable and has been extensively crash tested. There are videos on YouTube – they make my stomach feel all oogy, but if you’re interested, check them out. The Tummy Shield will retail for around $200.

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