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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
5 Hacks for Air Travel with Littles | Magic Beans x BABYZEN

5 Hacks for Air Travel with Littles | Magic Beans x BABYZEN

Editor’s note: We welcome this guest post from our friends at Babyzen and fully endorse these tips! All photos, with exception to the image depicting the Yoyo in an overhead bin, are courtesy of @melissagaylephoto.

 5 Hacks for Air Travel with Littles | Magic Beans x BABYZEN

There are so many unpredictable variables when it comes to flying these days, from bad weather to busy tarmacs. Add kids into the mix, and the things you need to be prepared for expand exponentially, from finding places to warm a bottle to dealing with unexpected diaper blowouts. While many aspects of air travel are out of your control, getting into the airport, onto a plane, and into your seat are yours to manage. Here, we break down 5 hacks for making traveling with littles a whole lot easier.

1. Opt for seat-to-seat service
The most important travel hack when you’re flying with a little in a car seat: bringing a stroller that takes the car seat from car to plane. The BABYZEN YOYO Stroller can accommodate select car seats with the help of BABYZEN Car Seat Adapters that clip onto the frame. They work with both the 0+ Newborn Pack and the 6+ Color Pack, so you can get your car seat through security, to the gate, and onto the airplane as seamlessly as possible.

2. Avoid gate checking your stroller
There are two huge negatives to gate checking (leaving your stroller at the end of the jetway before boarding a plane) your stroller. It can be time consuming–often you have to wait after disembarking for your stroller to be brought out, or worse, you have to collect your stroller at baggage claim. An even bigger reason not to gate check: strollers can get damaged when they’re put below a plane. Our recommendation: opt for the BABYZEN YOYO, which you can bring on board and place folded in most overhead bins.

3. Tire your tyke out
If they’re mobile, let them roam as much as possible before you have to fasten them into their seat. That means giving them space to wonder at the gate, and even letting them walk onto the plane if they’re up for it. One of the greatest advantages of the BABYZEN YOYO is its ability to fold and be carried quickly and easily. Keep it on your shoulder, and should you need to strap your little in, it unfolds in a second.

4. Put your stroller in the overhead bin
The BABYZEN YOYO Stroller goes onto the airplane and even fits down most airplane aisles. It’s like having an extra set of hands. Take advantage of this useful feature while boarding and disembarking as you need it. Simply store it in the overhead during the flight.

5. Take flexible storage options with you
Flexibility when traveling is key. You never know when you’ll need more space for food, dirty clothes, or toys that seem to have multiplied since leaving home. Keeping The Rolling Bag close as a diaper bag slash carry on, and toting the Travel Bag for good measure to tuck your stroller away when you don’t need it, ensures ultimate flexibility. So you’re always prepared, no matter what comes your way, whether it’s a tight connection time you have to rush your little through or a long journey from gate to baggage claim.

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