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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
5 essential stroller accessories you can’t leave home without

5 essential stroller accessories you can’t leave home without

7amenfantFinding the stroller of your dreams is only the first step: you’re going to be pushing that baby in all kinds of weather conditions, with loads of additional items on board. Making your pushing prowess even better with these essential stroller accessories that I recommend to every customer here at Magic Beans.

The Mommy Hook: It may look simple, but this humongous carabiner makes it so much easier to attach additional cargo, like groceries and shopping bags, on the handlebar of your stroller, maximizing the load you can carry. It’s amazing, and it’s cheap! But beware: certain 3 wheeled and umbrella models of strollers can’t hang (pun intended). Be careful not to load your Mommy Hook with enough items to make your stroller tippy.

7 AM Enfant Stroller Hand Muffs: Do you really need gloves that Velcro onto the handlebar of your stroller? Yes, you do! It’s so much quicker to pull your hands out of these to attend to your baby on the go than it is to take off regular gloves. And you will never lose them because they’re always attached to your pram! And they are SOOOO CUSHY AND COMFORTABLE! They’re a winter must.

JJ Cole Polar Bundleme Footmuff: Speaking of winter musts: every New England pram NEEDS a bunting for Winter. A bunting (also known as a footmuff) is like a little sleeping bag with holes in the back, allowing the stroller or car seat harness to go through and be secured properly on your child. This is extremely important because any extra fabric that is between your child and the harness keeps the harness from properly protecting your child – it’s a big no-no. The Polar Bundleme also gives you great value for your dollar, since it will fit your baby from birth up to about 3 years, with a zipper in the bottom that allows it to expand out.

The 7AM Enfant 212 Blanket also does a great job keeping kids warm in the winter, but it’s a little pricier and I don’t personally love the shiny fabric – I like the look of the Polar Bundleme better!

Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit: Keeping baby entertained on the go will help to keep her content, and babies love Whoozit! One side of this baby toy is a super cute and goofy face, and the other side has bold black and white patterns on it – while their vision is developing, newborns are the most stimulated by boldly contrasting patterns. The Whoozit it clips onto your car seat or stroller and has lots of different textures and noises to keep your little nugget occupied!

Glider (“Buggy”) Board: Do you have two children that are about two years apart but don’t want to buy a bulky double stroller? Get a glider board instead! It’s a little platform that attaches to your stroller, and allows a 2+ year old to stand on while you push a younger sibling in the stroller seat. They conveniently fold up and out of the way when you’re not using them, and almost every major stroller brand makes one specific to your model of stroller. We also sell a universal buggy board from Lascal that fits 99% of strollers! Plus, preschoolers love having their own “skateboard” to ride.


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