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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
2014 Holiday/Christmas Toy Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Girls

2014 Holiday/Christmas Toy Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Girls

Our holiday gift guides are pretty thorough, so we’ve decided to go through our top toys of the year category by category here at Spilling the Beans, so we can explain in detail why these toys are the best! Also, we’ve got a holiday catalog coming out soon, where you’ll see all of our top picks in one place – keep an eye out at our stores!

Shopping for toys is all about the child’s personality: is she a girly-girl who’s dying to get her first mani-pedi, or would she rather accessorize by going out and getting muddy? Does she dream of being a star athlete and winning Olympic gold, or does she dream of writing her first novel or discovering the cure for cancer? Is she funny or serious, boisterous or quiet, or all of the above depending on the occasion?

Little girls like a lot of the same things, it’s true – but every kid is an individual, and that’s why there’s no one-toy-fits all approach to shopping, and why we offer a broad selection of gifts that will spur her creativity and bring a big smile to her face this holiday season! This list includes gifts for all ages, from curious toddlers to independent tweens.


Kid O Pink Go Carkid-o-go-car-pink-10356-f, $12.99; ages 12 months and up
Toddlers love experimenting with the physics of the world, and rolling a toy car along the floor is endlessly engrossing. This adorable toy car is equipped with a handle on top that’s designed precisely for the grip of small hands, and, bonus: it has sparkly headlights!

Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin Maria Baby Doll, $39.99; ages 18 months and up
Isn’t Maria the cutest? This long-lashed beauty has a soft body that’s perfect for snuggles, and kids who are just beginning to enjoy pretend-play will love pretending to feed her, diaper her, and rock her to sleep. Her medium-brown complexion makes Maria a perfect pal for little kids who want a dolly who looks just like them, or for other kids to add some diversity to their collection of babies.

Ergobaby Doll Carrierergodollcarrier, $27.99; ages 3 and up
For the mini-mommy who wants to take her dollies everywhere: it’s a kid-sized version of mom’s baby carrier! Kids love imitating grownups, and this is an especially terrific gift for a little girl (or guy) who has a new younger sibling, or one on the way. They’ll feel quite grown-up, and plus, the carrier will help kids to avoid losing their favorite doll or plush pal at the mall or the grocery store!

ELC Pink Singalong Microphone, $49.99; ages 3 and up
Little divas don’t need to wait until the talent scouts start calling: they can get onstage and start rocking out with their own kid-sized microphone! Along with just a little amplification and a lot of realistic pretend-play value, the Singalong Microphone features crowd sounds that kids can activate with a pedal.

Schylling Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie Dollschylling-lottie-spring-collection-LT004-f, $24.99; ages 3 and up 
Fashion dolls can be wholesome – just ask Lottie! She has the proportions of a 9-year-old child, hitting that sweet spot where little girls can get the thrill of role-playing an older character in an age-appropriate way. Lottie is 7” tall, sized just right for small hands, and her soft hair is designed not to tangle, so it won’t take a lot of effort to keep her looking nice.

Poof-Slinky My First Fizzy Foamy Science Kit, $24.99; ages 4 and up 
Science is at its most fun when it’s dramatic, so letting kids see what happens when two chemicals have a foamy, fizzy reaction is a great way to pique further curiosity and make them eager to learn. This science kit follows the nationally recognized Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) curriculum, so it teaches real science facts as kids make bubbles, set up a traditional science-class “volcano,” and more.

reeves-int-color-surprise-horse-bath-toy-ella-7107-oReeves International Breyer Ella Color Change Surprise Bath Toy, $19.99; ages 4 and up 
Personal confession: I was a little kid who hated baths, and who loved ponies. So if I could go back in time to age 4 or 5 or so, Color Change Ella would have been the ultimate toy for little me – not only is she a colorful pony with brushable hair, but she changes color in the bath. I expect that other little horse-loving kids will be saying “yay” rather than “neigh” to this one!

Alex Toys Super Mani Pedi Party, $24.99; ages 6 and up
For the gal who can’t get enough of all things sparkly: with this set, she can change up her look ten times a day if she likes! With five nail polish colors, over 70 nail appliqués, and a whole load of sequins, there’s more than enough beauty to share with her pals, too.

lego-friends-dolphin-cruiser-41015-2LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser, $79.99; ages 7 and up 
First you build, then you play! LEGO Friends sets add tons of pretend-play fun to the familiar LEGO building formula, and this deluxe set has EVERYTHING – three mini-doll characters, friendly dolphins, a waterslide, and more!

Schylling Porcelain Children’s Tea Set, $24.99; ages 8 and up
I’m guessing the age range on this tea set is high because it’s real, beautiful, high-quality porcelain, but I don’t see any reason why a younger child couldn’t put on a tea party with her dollies and plush friends, too – just make sure you supervise. You can really make tea with this set, and the cups are about the size of espresso cups: just big enough to drink from but sized for small hands.

Alex Toys Cool Glam Sparkle Glitter Tattoo Parlor, $14.99; ages 8 and up 
More sparkle! We bet that the minute your child unwraps this gift, she’s going to want to glitter-tattoo everyone in the family, so get ready to get covered in glittery hearts, stars, music notes, and more. The glitter tats are easy to put on, last up to 7 days, and can be removed speedily if necessary with rubbing alcohol or lotion.

Don’t see the perfect gift for your child on this list? There are more gift guide blog entries to come, plus hundreds of other great choices on You can use the Super Search bar on the left side of our webpage to narrow down the selection by age and category, so it’s simple to find what you need. And if you’re stumped, or just need to choose a gift really quickly? We’ve got Toy Whizzes on the phone and on Live Chat to suggest surefire kid-pleasers.


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