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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
2014 Holiday/Christmas Toy Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Boys

2014 Holiday/Christmas Toy Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Boys

Our holiday gift guides are pretty thorough, so we’ve decided to go through our top toys of the year category by category here at Spilling the Beans, so we can explain in detail why these toys are the best! Also, we’ve got a holiday catalog coming out soon, where you’ll see all of our top picks in one place – keep an eye out at our stores!

Little boys are a diverse lot, including athletes, artists, and animal lovers, bookworms digging their way through all the Harry Potter books, and mini-musicians who just want to bang on a drum all day. However, they do have a few things in common: boys have energy to burn and endless curiosity, and almost all of them really like toys with wheels (and also Batman). This assortment of kid-tested toys has something for every little boy on your holiday shopping list.


BRUDER-roadmax-dump-truck-20000-fBruder Roadmax Dump Truck, $44.99; ages 2 and up
This beginner toy truck from Bruder has a working rear bucket that can swivel to dump loads in different directions, making it equally fantastic in the sandbox or the playroom. Because it’s a Bruder Truck, it’s built tough to handle rough play, but it’s also designed with smooth edges so it’s safe for toddlers.

D and L Company Stomp Rocket Junior, $17.99; ages 3 and up
Stomp Rockets are a hoot. Just jump on the launcher, and the foam rockets zoom way up in the sky – they can get up to 100 feet! (Now that I think about it… I wonder how they measured that?) This version is designed for kids as young as age 3, and the littlest kids can even set it up on their own. And then the fun begins! It’s a great way for little guys to burn off some excess energy, and the whole family will want to take a turn.

aquabotHexbug Aquabot Robotic Fish 2.0 With Fish Bowl, $27.99; ages 3 and up
Look out, there’s a shark in the bathtub! Wait, now he’s in the pool! Oh no, now he’s in your water glass!

We can’t imagine the little kid who wouldn’t be thrilled with a miniature robotic shark invasion – and if sharks are too scary (although this little guy is not remotely scary), you have the option of getting a clownfish instead.

Hexbug Aquabot 2.0 robot fish swim up and down and side to side like real fish, and they’ll explore for 5 minutes at a time before shutting off (to preserve battery power); the 2.0 version can be “woken up” by tapping on the side of the included fishbowl. Aquabots make great first pets for kids who aren’t ready yet for real pet care, and they have that “wow” factor that every robot toy has, making them surefire gifts.

automoblox-minis-line-2-manhattan-toy-53102-fAutomoblox Minis 3-Pack Line 2, $29.99; ages 3 and up
Every Automoblox wooden car is a little different, and with three in one pack, kids can expand the variety even more, because Automoblox cars are made to be deconstructed for mix-and-match fun. The futuristic style and customizable design will thrill little guys and gals, and the Minis are sized just right for small hands.

Playmobil Rescue Ladder Unit, $39.99; ages 4 and up
Zoom to the rescue and save the day! Flashing lights and sound effects add to the fun, but the most important element is your child’s imagination. The fire truck comes with two Playmobil firefighter figures and oodles of accessories to make pretend play more immersive.

LEGO City Starter Set, $34.99; ages 5 and up
This set introduces little builders to a timeless formula for fun: first, you build toys, and then you play with them! There are three LEGO vehicles to build (a fire van, an ambulance, and a police motorcycle), and a gaggle of fun characters to ride in the vehicles and interact with each other. The City Starter Set even comes with a brick separator so that little kids won’t get frustrated about how hard it is to pull bricks apart (which is tough even for grownups sometimes).

kid-galaxy-morphibians-land-shark-10125Kid Galaxy Remote Control Morphibians Land Shark, $32.99; ages 5 and up
Nothing stops a Morphibian: no obstacle, no rough surface, and not even water will make this little RC truck give up! Morphibians combine a rough n’ tough look with kid-friendly design that makes them safe and easy for kids as young as age 5 to operate, and they’re tons of fun indoors or outdoors. We encourage you to have the kids build an obstacle course with all the boxes and wrapping paper on Christmas Day, have them run their Land Shark over it… and send us the video.

int-playthings-super-stadium-baseball-game-P00599-oInternational Playthings Super Stadium Baseball Game, $39.99; ages 6 and up 
Can’t get outside to play catch? Well, you can still play ball – and you don’t even need a video game system to do it! This clever battery-free tabletop game duplicates semi-realistic gameplay with a magnetized field that determines scoring by where the ball lands, and it even lets little baseball coaches utilize real strategies as they play. The “pitching” launchers let you adjust how you throw the pitches, the players on the field can be moved into different positions, and the bat can be positioned for right-handed or left-handed hitting.

This game is an awesome gift for little fans, and an equally good gift if you’re trying to get your little guy psyched about your favorite sport!

reeves-international-marvins-magic-box-of-125-tricks-MME001Reeves International Marvin’s Magic Box of 125 Tricks, $24.99; ages 6 and up 
The Harry Potter series may be done, but magicians are still in, and kids who like to show off will love putting on their own magic show! This set is loaded with simple sleight-of-hand tricks that kids can pick up easily with some practice, and they’ll be thrilled to show off their skills for friends and family.

Scientific Explorer My First Airplane Kit, $24.99; ages 6 and up 
Planes are cool; making models is cool; making your own model planes that really glide is the coolest of all! Kids will love decorating the balsa-wood airplane model and launching the foam airplane with the included slingshot, and they’ll learn some science along the way, too, including some info about airplane design and pilot training.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Night Vision Goggles, $24.99; ages 6 and up 
Explore the back yard or the basement in a whole new way! These LED night vision goggles really work up to 25 feet in the dark, and they’re great for spy pretend play, or just for seeing the world in a whole new way. Get siblings each a set so they can play together!


Don’t see the toy here that’s the perfect fit for your favorite kid? Or, are you not sure what toy in our vast and varied selection will work for your nephew, your boss’s kid, or your child’s best friend? Ask us! [] Our Toy Whizzes are here on the phones and live chat to help you shop, and we love recommending toys to put a smile on every child’s face.


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