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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

2011 BOB Revolution SE has arrived

You just don’t mess with success. This was the first thing I thought when I saw a sample of the newly redesigned BOB Revolution stroller more than a year ago. Sure, there’s always room for improvement, but they had such a good thing going. The Revolution stroller has been a rock-solid performer and a parent-favorite for years. Why tinker with it?

But BOB knows best. The new, 2011 BOB Revolution SE Single and Duallie strollers debut today, and though I may have doubted it at first, the new models have preserved all that was wonderful about the old versions while adding some welcome features and upgrades.

Here’s what’s new:

The look
The BOB Revolution SE is still a sporty stroller, but it has a fresh aesthetic that feels more up-to-date. The color combinations are a little more fashionable, the fabrics are more high-tech, and it’s overall a prettier stroller than the older model.

The suspension
The new model has an upgraded suspension system that is stronger and more reliable. It is still adjustable, so you can control the softness of the ride.

The fold-lock mechanism
The old model’s fold lock was more of a workaround than an actual mechanism. The wrist strap had velcro on it, and could be wrapped around the handlebar to keep the stroller folded. The new version also uses the wrist strap, but they’ve integrated a snap-together clasp that’s intuitive, quick and easy.

The seat
While the old seat had a decent amount of back support, the new seat is a big step forward. The support system is robust, and the heat-press material that lines the seat is striking and also very comfortable. The foot well is made of a more durable, easy to clean fabric, and the front wheel housing of the stroller now showcases the heavy-duty plastic nosing, instead of the fabric cover on the previous model. The recline, which used to use plastic clasps and offered two positions — up and down — now uses adjustable straps. This gives you many more options for exactly where to position the seat. The safety harness has also had some minor improvements, and is now even easier to adjust.

The canopy
The profile (and excellent coverage) of the canopy hasn’t changed, but they’ve made some subtle adjustments to make it more user-friendly. I especially like the new mesh pocket that stows the fabric flap of the peek-a-boo window, for times when you want to leave it open.

The accessory adapter
This is the biggest improvement over the previous models. In the past, the accessories were burdensome to attach and required tools and patience. Now, there’s a socket on both sides of the seat where you can slide in whatever accessory you choose, be it a car seat adapter or a snack tray.

That’s it. They changed the things that needed attention and left the rest of the stroller alone. Because you don’t mess with success. Except sometimes just a little bit, and only if you can make it even better.

Here’s the stock status, as of February 1, 2011

The 2011 BOB Revolution SE and BOB Revolution Duallie SE are both in stock and ready to ship immediately in all colors except the Black Duallie. There are also plenty of accessories available now, and some coming soon. Single Infant car seat adapters are available for the Chicco, Graco and Peg Perego models, but the Graco version for the Duallie (the only one currently in production for the double stroller) is not ready yet. The Weather Shield for the single stroller is in stock, but the Duallie Weather Shield is not. Neither is the new Snack Tray. We do not have an expected ship date at this point, but I will keep you posted.

Finally, I would also like to take a moment to introduce Dana, our fabulous new writer. If you’ve already clicked over to check out the new BOB strollers on, you’ve probably noticed her brilliant descriptions. Hopefully, you found them to be as delightful as I did. Welcome aboard Dana, and keep up the great work!

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