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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

2006 Valco Runabout

Last week our staff had the pleasure of meeting with a gentleman from Valco who gave us a preview of their new 2006 Runabout stroller, which we have since received. While he was here, we had the opportunity to assemble the stroller, push it around, and ask a lot of questions. I was very impressed with what I saw! Valco has taken its already popular stroller and made even better, adding all sorts of user-friendly features and finishing touches, not to mention excellent styling and aesthetics as well.

'06 Valco - sunrise navyThe most substantial change that you’ll find on the new Runabout is the design of the swivel mechanism on the front wheel. The new “tri mode” system is designed to allow you to easily switch from full swivel (giving you the greatest range of maneuverability) to 45-degree swivel (still quite maneuverable but offering more stability when using the toddler seat and in other circumstances) to locked (for snow, light jogging, etc.). We were very impressed with the design changes and ease of use.

The seat recline mechanism has also been improved, leaving behind the more cumbersome zippers and buckles in favor of a quicker release strap located on the back of the seat. Another added bonus you’ll see is the redesigned footrest, which is now metal and attached to the frame, giving you greater durability and the ability to use the car seat adapter even when the seat fabric is not attached.

And finally, one of my favorite new features is the little zip-off bag affixed to the fabric flap behind the seat. The bag is perfect for holding valuable essentials such as a wallet, keys, or cell phone, and also boasts neat little elastic straps on either side that allow you to slide in a water bottle or sippy cup. If you need to leave your stroller unattended and want to keep track of what’s in the bag, simply zip it off the back of the stroller and take it with you. The bag can also be attached to the stroller handlebar, and the vacancy it leaves behind when unzipped from the stroller fabric is a nifty little mesh window that allows for more air ventilation through the back of the stroller. Smart.

There are a number of other niceties, both practical and cosmetic– feel free to stop by and take our floor model for a spin if you’d like to find out more. The new Valcos came out a little later than many of the other 2006 models, but by the look of things, it was certainly worth the wait.

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