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10 years

10 years

sheri_eli_weddingIn the summer of 1985, I went to day camp and rode the bus every day with a quiet, soft-spoken boy from the neighborhood. He was exceedingly kind, and I… well, I wasn’t. On Wild West day, I relished the role of outlaw (even more than usual), and managed to trick that sweet boy into giving me all the candy he’d won at the various carnival games. I said, “Hey Eli, can I see your candy for a minute?” He handed it all over with no hesitation and I took off at a dead run. I was seven years old.

He forgave me eventually, and we went on to be best friends for most of high school. I used to tell people that I was going to hire Eli to be my nanny when I eventually got married and had children, because he was so good natured and patient. Finally we realized what our friends and family had known for a while – we were perfect together.

Ten years ago today, I married him. He is my partner in every sense of that word – in our business, in the kitchen, in staying in shape, and in raising our three amazing children. I am so thankful to have him in my life, every day, in so many ways. These ten years have been filled with adventure and belly laughs. I hope the next ten (fifty? sixty?) will be just as much fun.

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