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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
10 Ways to Pass the Time When Baby Keeps You Up At Night

10 Ways to Pass the Time When Baby Keeps You Up At Night

baby-crying-in-cot2By about 6 months of age, my daughter Reese was a champion sleeper, giving my husband and I up to 11 hours per night to relax and recharge. Sadly, sleep regressions are a thing, and when those pesky molars decided to make an appearance when Reese hit her 15th month, everything changed.

That got me thinking back to how I spent some of the late-night hours with Reese, while nursing her and soothing her back to sleep.


(1) DIY Manicure: When you’re a new Mom, especially one nursing your baby on demand, it can be hard to get away for a couple hours.  Keep a nail file and some cuticle cream (nipple balm works, too!) near your nursing chair and give yourself a mini mani. Reese never seemed to mind the noise, and at times I even think she thought it was soothing!

(2) Squats, lunges, leg raises, hamstring curls: Helps Mom get back into shape AND the movements can lull baby back to sleep!

(3) Watch your secret vice: We all have that one show we don’t necessarily want to admit we watch!  Mine was The Tudors.  Highly recommend it.

(4)  Enjoy drinking a full cup of tea (hopefully with some peace and quiet).

(5) Catch up on thank-you notes.

(6) Go over the upcoming week’s calendar with your partner. Get it out of the way! Juggling life with a new baby is hard work, so planning ahead definitely helps.

(7) Sync your iPhone.  Upload all those super cute pictures and videos that are filling up your 99% of your storage.  Download some new music for the long walk with baby you’ll probably take the next day.

(8) Order diapers.

(9) Make a grocery list: …to have your husband take care of the next day!

(10) If you can, try to rest:  If you’re nursing, try doing so while lying down on your side with baby lying on her side facing you.  This was Reese’s favorite when she was a newborn!  It became my preference, too, since I could close my eyes and catch a few ZZZs…..


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